InfinityReports – System of report generation

InfinityReports – System of report generation

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Generation and management of reports with varying complexity for the historical data analysis and operational production information analysis.

General Functions

  • Automating the process of creating production reports on an enterprise scale.
  • Integration of data from various sources in one report: real-time data, historical data, accident reports, production data.
  • Building reports on demand, schedules, events.


  • Powerful visual tools for developing report templates: arbitrary format of reports, use of graphs and formulas.


  • Multilevel reporting development built on the principle of dividing data sources into a business layer and presentation level.
  • Use a specialized declarative language (Report Definition Language) to develop report templates with complex structure.
  • Export reports in various formats (xls, html, pdf).


  • Sending reports by e-mail, fax, publication on the Web.

General Information

InfinityReports the SCADA Infinity component automates the process of generating reports with varying complexity for analyzing historical data and operational production information.

A user-friendly reporting environment makes it easy and quick to prepare carefully formatted, information-rich and easy-to-use reports. You can create different types of reports: with cross-tables, parameterized reports, reports with different data groups and special group sorting, analytical reports with details and totals, reports in the style of forms, multi-column reports, reports with subreports and heterogeneous indicators and other reports.

Saving created reports templates allows to reduce time for creating unified reports.

Easy to Set Up

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  • A visual report designer provides rapid report development using the functionality of object oriented explorers and property inspectors.
  • Generating reports on demand, schedule or when a given event occurs provides information support for decision-making in all necessary situations. When generating a report, you can specify:
    • frequency of reporting;
    • report format;
    • styling of the report;
    • the naming convention of the report and other parameters.

Monitoring of Implementation

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  • Monitoring the reporting process: viewing the running tasks list, obtaining information about the task completeness degree.

Convenient Presentation of Reports

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  • Visual report navigator allows you to configure tasks, define their execution schedule, generate reports, save them and send them on e-mail.

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  • Support for standard ways of storing reporting data (xls, csv, html, xml) provides the ability to present reports in a user-friendly format.
  • Automatic report delivery on e-mail ensures the timely provision of information to interested parties.