InfinityHMI – Displaying mnemonic diagrams to monitor automation process

InfinityHMI – Displaying mnemonic diagrams to monitor automation process

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Development, visualization and management of technological process objects in mnemonic schemes in real time.

General Functions

  • Creating visual objects allowing to develop a virtual image of the real technological process with a necessary degree of detail.
  • Displaying object parameters values with the help of text, graphic objects, animation.
  • Complex algorithms development for technological processes controlling and management using Microsoft's built-in Visual Basic for Applications programming language.


  • An extended set of functions for creating, editing and setting dynamic properties of graphic elements.
  • Using a sample elements library to create mnemonic schemes.
  • It is an ActiveX container and allows you to include ActiveX elements from different manufacturers in the mnemonic scheme.
  • For communication with external objects, OPC DA and OLE Automation support are implemented.
  • Placing objects in different layers and controlling the display of layers.

General Information

The SCADA Infinity component named InfinityHMI is the development environment and the execution environment. InfinityHMI combines the tools for developing and viewing graphical mnemonic diagrams of automated workstations of the APCS operator.

Mnemonic schemes (screen forms) can be created on the basis of their own vector graphics tools using the ready-made graphic objects library with dynamics and customized functions, as well as with control elements of other manufacturers' ActiveX.

Customizing the graphic objects animation (changing the shape, size, location, color of graphic objects, hiding them, blinking, gradient fill) provides a visual representation of the state of a technological object or process for the user.

Creation and configuring of a secondary data processing algorithms and screen forms management procedures is ensured by the built-in integrated development environment and execution of Visual Basic for Applications script.

Easy to control process

InfinityHMI_Easy to Control Technological Process.png

  • Receiving OPC DA data from one or more OPC servers, writing data to the OPC server, providing the ability to change the current process parameters controlled by the system, and enabling the dispatcher (operator) to control the process.
  • Development tools provide mnemonic schemes creation without program code creation, that significantly reduces the requirements for user's qualification.
  • The time for updating the graphic information is 50 ms, which allows to respond quickly to changes in the course of the technological process.

Quick and Easy to Build Mnemonic Schemes

InfinityHMI_Quick and Easy to Build Mnemonic Schemes.png

  • The library of graphic symbols and dynamic objects provides the preservation of frequently used technological objects images with the animation functions assigned to them. Each library can be divided into any number of categories.
  • The mechanism of grouping objects provides an arbitrary combination of several graphic elements into a single object.
  • The Drag&Drop function copies graphic and dynamic objects from one mnemonic scheme to another, and also to other applications.

Scaling Mnemonic Schemes

InfinityHMI_Scaling Mnemonic Schemes.png

  • Scaling can be done both in the development mode and in the execution mode.
  • Automatic scaling of screen mnemonic schemes in the execution mode on monitors with different resolutions.
  • Scaling in the manual mode is carried out on the selected area, on selection, on the visible area, showing the entire screen form, setting an arbitrary scale.

Managing the Distribution of Information

InfinityHMI_Managing the Distribution of Information.png

  • The mechanism of controlling the screen form layers, regulating the degree of detail of information about the technological object and simplifying control of the mnemonic.

Pop-up Hints


  • The mechanism of "pop-up" prompts provides a fast and intuitive receipt of refining information about the technological process.

Secure Access to Management

InfinityHMI_Secure Access to Management.png

  • InfinityHMI reliability and safety is provided with an integrated security system that regulates the opening of mnemonic schemes with the help of passwords, allowing or prohibiting the recording of OPC signals.

ActiveX Container Functions

InfinityHMI_ActiveX Container Functions.png

  • Integration of ActiveX control elements: InfinityTrends graphs, InfinityAlarms components, third-party ActiveX controls.
  • The function of exporting mnemonic schemes in the html format allows you to view the mnemonic schemes in a web browser.