InfinityIEC61850 – Integration of equipment operating via IEC 61850 protocol

InfinityIEC61850 – Integration of equipment operating via IEC 61850 protocol

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Organizing the exchange of data between devices in the communication network using the IEC 61850 protocol.

General Functions

  • Creating dynamic datasets.
  • The ability to select tags for reading and writing.
  • Working with oscillograms in COMTRADE format.


  • Full support for the IEC 61850 protocol (MMS).
  • Providing access to data on OPC DA.
  • Reading values from the device and writing values to the device.
  • Receiveing data through buffered and unbuffable reports.
  • Control of Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment.
  • Reserving servers.
  • Reading and displaying waveforms in COMTRADE format.

General Information

InfinityIEC61850 is designed for data exchange in a communication network between devices providing data on the IEC 61850 protocol (MMS) and client applications using OPC DA 2.05.

The component supports obtaining data from devices through sequential reading (polling), as well as through buffered and unbuffered reports. The component translates the received data and provides access to them via OPC DA 2.05.


  • Creating dynamic datasets.


  • Possibility to select tags for reading.


  • Possibility to select tags for recording.


  • Working with waveforms in COMTRADE format.