InfinitySender – Notification about alarms and events via sending SMS and E-mail

InfinitySender – Notification about alarms and events via sending SMS and E-mail

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Notification of events and accidents that occur during the technological process, by sending notifications via SMS and by E-mail.

General Functions

  • Tracking the events that occur during the controlled process.
  • Sending notifications to specific users, according to the selected criteria of operational messages.


  • The ability to send notifications via SMS or E-mail.
  • The list of users is divided into groups.
  • Unlimited number of contacts for the user.
  • Filtering events by category, importance, type, event text, and tag name.
  • Filtering events for specific users.
  • Ability to set a time period for sending notifications to each user.
  • Reserving of servers.

General Information

InfinitySender provides the ability of notifying users about events and accidents occurring during the process. A flexible filter setting allows you to send filtered events to specific users. The ability to send SMS messages and emails simultaneously allows users to receive information about the progress of the technological process. The time period setting function allows you to specify only the period of time during which you need to notify a specific user about the progress of the technological process.


  • Separation of users into groups for easy configuration.
  • Setting up multiple contacts for each user.


  • Configuring the settings for filtering operational messages.


  • Sending messages according to the specified filtering conditions to several contacts of active users.


  • Creating multiple time periods to send.
  • Forming the list of users who need to receive a message at the specified time.


  • Ability to manage distribution servers.