InfinityServer – Input/output server

InfinityServer – Input/output server

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Continuous control of the technological process, interrogation of the automation and telemechanics system, logical and mathematical processing of incoming technological data.


  • "Hot" server backup.
  • Monitoring the availability of communication with the equipment, the quality of the channel, the reliability of the information received.
  • Identification of the general state of the technological process and objects.

General Information

InfinityServer is a SCADA Infinity component, which functions as an I/O server, designed for continuous monitoring of technological processes, as well as for control of technological equipment.

The modular structure of the server makes it easy to change the functional content, optimize the server's resources and costs, depending on the complexity of the system by configuring the composition of the modules.

The use of OPC standard makes a server-based automated system open to the exchange of information with third-party automation systems.

InfinityServer collects and exchanges data with automatics and telemechanics systems of various manufacturers, provides logical and mathematical processing of technological data, provides access to operational values of technological parameters for OPC DA, OPC AE.

InfinityServer When Building Various Automation Systems

  • Support for the most common standard communication protocols: ModBus (RTU, TCP/IP), Ethernet IP, IEC 60870-5 (101, 104), SNMP and others, allowing to interrogate devices of various manufacturers of process control systems.
  • Data collection by one server on several protocols ‒ building flexible systems of interaction between equipment, automation systems.
  • Full support for the OPC DA specification (server and client) provides the ability to exchange data and integrate with various third-party systems.
  • Interrogating redundant devices and using redundant communication channels.

Computing Functions

InfinityServer_Computing Functions_1.png

  • Extended set of functions for logical and mathematical data processing allows solving complex computational tasks.

InfinityServer_Computing Functions_2.png

  • The built-in functions for conversion of physical quantities into engineering by different dependencies allow preprocessing parameter values.

Hot Standby

InfinityServer_Hot Standby.png

  • The hot standby subsystem guarantees the lowest possible delay when moving between servers. This allows you to minimize the time of absence of the object management function.
  • When using communication protocols, it is allowed to use several interrogators, then response time for requests and commands does not exceed 0.01 s.

Convenient Configuration of the Backup Subsystem

InfinityServer_Easy to configure redundancy subsystem.png

  • The software configuration of the backup subsystem allows you to specify redundant I/O servers, configure client connections to redundant I/O servers.

Convenient Configuration of the I/O Server

InfinityServer_Easy to configure IO Server.png

  • Visual tools for configuring and system administration allow you to configure the modules and server signals, describe the logical procedures and functions, configure the recalculation of values, set addresses for signals, configure parameters for storing signal values in the archive, etc.
  • All components can be configured up to the settings of the data acquisition devices via the configurator program.

OPC AE Specification Support

InfinityServer_OPC AE Specification Support.png

  • Monitoring changes in signal values for compliance with regulatory or threshold values and notifying users of an event or alarm that has occurred.
  • Support for the OPC AE specification allows integration with other systems.

Configuring Access to Server Configuration

InfinityServer_Configuring Access to Server Configuration.png

  • Controlling the rights to read data allows you to limit the number of users to whom information about the state of the technological process is available.
  • Control of access rights to write values to the server provides authorized submission of control commands and excludes unauthorized management.