InfinityTrends – Building trends, plots, tables

InfinityTrends – Building trends, plots, tables

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Viewing and analyzing changes in parameter values over time using dependency and table graphs.

General Functions

  • Plotting graphs of changing the parameters values in time based on historical and real-time data.
  • Saving graphs and tables of process signals values to files.



  • Simultaneous display of several parameters graphs in one trend field, simultaneous display of several trend fields.
  • Representation of displayed dependencies in a table form, export of tables in MS Excel.
  • Data representation in the form of bar charts.
  • SCADA to create continuous production management systems.

General Information

SCADA Infinity InfinityTrends components allows users to view and analyze changes in parameter values over time using dependency charts and tables.

Restores the full picture of the parameter change, including the current value and background for any time point.

Fully complies with the OPC specification for access to historical data (OPC HDA), which establishes requirements for the monitored parameters values accumulation and registration subsystem, OPC DA specification (access to current data).

Operational and Historical View Mode

InfinityTrends_Runtime and Historical View Modes.png

  • In the operational mode InfinityTrends receives the instantaneous values of the measured parameter directly from the I/O server and displays them on a chart (the chart recorder mode).
  • In historical mode, the graph of parameter changes registered at the user specified time interval is displayed.

Easy to Setup

InfinityTrends_Easy to Setup.png

  • Setting the parameters of the chart, adding, deleting and editing the features at runtime.
  • Calculation of the statistical characteristics of the monitored parameters, such as the number of signal values for the selected time interval, minimum and maximum, the processing time of the request to the history server.

Controlling the Display of Graphs

InfinityTrends_Managing plot display_1.png

  • The display of several graphs in one trend field allows you to identify the dependencies of changing parameters from each other, analyze the dynamics of the technological process.
  • Simultaneous display of several reference lines provides additional information for a detailed analysis of parameter changes.
  • The ability to configure simultaneous viewing of current and historical data in one area of the build.
  • Showing extreme signal values using colors.

InfinityTrends_Managing plot display_2.png

  • Ability to display vertical and limiting boundaries of graphs, additional axes for several graphs, plotting in simulation mode.

InfinityTrends_Managing plot display_3.png

Scaling Graphs

InfinityTrends_Zooming plots.png

  • Automatic and manual scaling of graphs: entirely the graph, horizontally, vertically, the selected plot area.
  • Setting the mode for displaying charts when scaling, the ability to display all graphs in a general scale.

Trend Representation in the Form of a Table

InfinityTrends_Displaying trends as a table.png

  • The presentation of a trend in a tabular form provides an opportunity for a detailed analysis of changes in technological parameters.
  • Adjustment of data representation in the table: for all signals, for each signal separately.

ActiveX Component Functions

InfinityTrends_ActiveX Component Functions.png

  • The implementation of InfinityTrends as an ActiveX component makes it easy to use all of its features, for example, in the InfinityHMI mnemonic schemes, in Microsoft Internet Explorer or in another display program that provides container functions.