Visualization of automated process

Described functions are developed in the component:

InfinityHMI eye InfinityHMI
InfinityWebHMI InfinityWebHMI


Flexible ways to display information for all management levels

Modern technologies are becoming more informative, and the challenge to correctly display data is at the forefront of the visualization system. Using SCADA Infinity features, operators will get only data that is really required to control the automated process. Powerful visualization and notification tools, tools for building trends and generating reports allow general managers to handle consolidated data. A manager has convenient tools to make quick and correct decisions because he can rely on summary information and miss unnecessary details.

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Access to displays via Web

SCADA Infinity includes a special component developed for viewing displays via web browsers. It does not matter if you use a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. All information about state of the automated process is available with only a few clicks. This is possible because we use a thin client technology, that's why you will not need to install any third-party applications and configure any client applications.

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Convenient Configuration Tools

The main tools for developing mnemonic scheme are primitives such as lines, ellipses, rectangles, and texts. This gives wide opportunities to create graphic objects of any type and adhere to a required style and appearance. Developed mnemonic schemes provides with maximum performance and response to operator's actions.

To speed up the process of mnemonic scheme development, a library of ready-made elements is built in SCADA Infinity: from different pipes, bends, containers to production equipment with a preinstalled set of signals. If you use ready-made graphic elements, all that remains is to specify a source of the signal and its properties. You can also use ready-made buttons, pop-up menus, analog parameters, scroll boxes, alarm lamps and m many others. Diversity of library elements gives a great choice in its application such as 2D/3D displays, animation, transparency and many others. The option to create multiple layers on one mnemonic scheme provides with high information capacity of graphics and makes its perception easy.

The built-in VBA programming language allows to create algorithms for monitoring and controlling, increases functionality and effectiveness of the system implementation.

A size of your mnemonic scheme does not really matter for the SCADA Infinity visualization system. When saving proportions of the graphics, a mnemonic scheme can be easily adjusted to your screen resolution. When developing a project, you can adjust any screen resolution and its proportions according to requirements of the system being developed.

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Diversity of built-in ActiveX elements

Diversity of built-in ActiveX elements.jpeg

The option to build ActiveX components into mnemonic schemes is an essential part of SCADA Infinity. The ActiveX container allows to integrate video monitoring, mapping information, RDP clients, trends, notifications and many others into mnemonic schemes. Besides, SCADA Infinity components can be easily built in third-party applications with use of ActiveX technology to display trends and notifications.

Described functions are realized in the InfinityHMI and InfinityWebHMI components.