First results of the Practical Forum

The first day of the first Practical Forum in Tomsk is over and it's time to talk about what topics of presentations, roundtables and master classes today were in the spotlight. Sergey Chirikov (CEO of EleSy Company) and Alexey Knyazev (Deputy of Governor of Tomsk region on scientific, education and innovations) met forum guests.

From the beginning of the event it became clear that the idea of ​​organizing in Tomsk Practical Forum "Innovation - the core of future" has been successful. On the first day it was visited by over 200 people. Among the visitors were scientists, talented students, representatives of Tomsk innovative companies and leading global enterprises.

On the first day of the forum in the plenary part 14 papers were presented. The topics were different: from innovation system of Tomsk region and the role of small innovative companies on the market to the future of automation industry, advanced corporate management and the issues in energy management.

A series of five roundtables in business section has caused hot debate about systems engineering, urgent issues of energy efficiency of enterprises and outlook for the concept of intelligent field. Also the participants discussed topics about quality management on innovative companies and ways to minimize the technical risks, which could be caused by Russian lawmaking.

The world's largest enterprises at the special vendor hours demonstrated their new products: Phoenix Contact, Invensys, ABB, Honeywell, B&R, Symmetron and Schneider Electric.

Student section began with a master-class of Felix Tarasenko "How to increase the chances of success in management?". Demonstration performance of robo-vehicles on the race track has created a furor among the visitors. All day 3D-printers generated prototypes of a wide variety of products. Modern 3D-TV let everyone know that the glasses for watching 3D-movies already in the past. Master-class on practical marketing set the tone for today's youth - innovative products need the highest quality of promotion steps to get success on the market. For those, who wish to become successful and show outstanding results, Valery Chemeris held a special master-class on the development of leadership capabilities.

Results of the discussions in the roundtables we will summarize a little bit later, because there is still one busy day of Practical Forum "Innovation - the core of future"!