Main results of Practical Forum

Forum completed and its results summed up. Issues and ideas that have been considered between participants formed a strong foundation for further discussions. Today we will tell about the general conclusions that were formed at the roundtables and sounded from the moderators on the official closing ceremony.

Round table "Intelligent field - unattainable dream or a base to formalize goals?"

  • About intelligent field is much talk, but there are no concrete steps towards the development of this sector in Russia. Moreover, there is no comprehensive understanding of the term "Intelligent field";
  • Gazprom Neft Company's vision of the intelligence concept is to optimize the costs of development and exploitation. Intelligent field is a minimal manning field;
  • Only new fields have economic expediency of implementation of intelligent technologies in Russia;
  • For the development of this idea and creating standardized solutions required State Technical Board.

Round table "Energy Efficiency - a buzzword or a real way to reduce costs?"

  • The results of most energy audits can not be used to obtain a holistic view of the efficient use of energy resources at the enterprise;

  • Today is extremely difficult to prove and provide budgetary funds for energy service contracts, conclusion of energy service performance-contracts also fraught with many obstacles;

  • Need to more actively carry out the promotion of energy efficiency among enterprises and the population, who do not perform even the most basic rules.

Round table "Systems Engineering - the key to effective management of an innovative company"

  • There is real necessity in institute of System Engineers, which can understand not only the life cycle of the project, but also the life cycle of the systems installed on customer's objects;
  • Higher education institutions should train specialists in systems engineering, in Russia there is a shortage of such personnel. The question of whether it should be the first or second education for them, remained open.
  • Institutions of higher education should train specialists in systems engineering, in Russia there is a shortage of such personnel. The question of whether it should be the first or second education for them remained open.

Round table "Minimization of technical risks - perceived need or a regulatory compliance?"

  • Solutions for process safety applied until recently are no longer acceptable. New international standards forced to revise safety rules in Russia;
  • Existing Russian security rules have too general description, and the use of western classification levels of SIL safety on Russian industrial objects is an additional requirement to the system;
  • Existing Russian security rules have only general description. The use of western classification levels of SIL in Russian industry is an additional requirement to the system;
  • The modern system of safe production management must provide the Customer with the intellectual abilities in all components of the safety loop: from sensors and actuators to computational logic devices.
  • The modern systems for safety monitoring and control must provide the Customer with the intelligent functions in all components of the safety loop: from sensors and actuators to computational logic devices.

Round table "Quality management - experience, which changes the standard"

  • For innovative companies quality management problem is very acute, because the existing quality management standards provide only a general understanding of the system. The development and implementation of changes in the quality system of innovative companies often are non-standard;
  • Quality management staff at the companies should be involved not only in identifying of the defect and eliminating the causes of its occurrence. They are must be active in all aspects of life of an innovative company, including work with the staff, personnel training.

Round table "Russian companies' penetration to foreign markets: the blind attempts or invisible problems?"

  • Russia is a full-fledged player in the global economy, foreign trade turnover in non-oil sectors of the economy has a tendency to sustained growth;
  • To work with confidence on international markets Russian enterprises are needed first of all a competitive product, both in terms of functionality and price;
  • Need to understand not only the culture and business customs of each country, but also the legal issues. Russian companies need to be involved in learning these questions.

Round table "Mobile technologies for the industry - all the information in your pocket"

  • Equipment manufacturers should gradually provide their equipment with wireless communication capabilities for remote configuration and diagnostics from mobile devices. This is the most shortest path of mobile solutions in the industry;
  • Today is very important to provide the mobile applications, which summarize information about the production efficiency for Executives;
  • Applications for monitoring and control of technology and service operations performed by the staff, machine vision and augmented reality have a great prospect. Expert systems for operational management decision-making are upcoming trend.

Round table "Russian electronic element base - the second coming is possible?"

  • Today the quality of the Russian electronic element base, passed all the stages of inspections, are no doubt;
  • Documentation to Russian electronic element base provides more information for developers of electronic products than foreign documentation. But in this area there are opportunities for improvement;
  • The "bookmarks" in foreign electronic components is real. Russian manufacturers of components are more open to this issue, so the use of domestic elements makes products safer in responsible applications;
  • Developer's applications for Russian components are behind foreign, but now Russian companies are actively working to improve them.

"Thank you very much for all participants of our Practical Forum for the questions that were asked and ideas that were proposed. Asked questions don't remain in the air. They are thought over, discussed and looked for an answer. I hope that the discussion of the Forum's topics will only continue"- summed up Sergey Chirikov, the EleSy Company's CEO.