Construction and installation works

Construction and installation works represent a long-run and highly complicated stage of arrangements for communication and management systems deployment. They include:

  • operational construction planning, work scheduling;
  • project, technological, quality and cost characteristics optimizing;
  • case planning, building and installation works, including metal frames, wall and roofing building envelopes, doors and windows;
  • subcontractor tendering for performing definite jobs;
  • construction budget managing, based on the approved estimate;
  • provision of all required material, technical and human resources for construction;
  • production and delivery of all necessary constructions, materials and components to the job site;
  • ensuring labour, environmental and fire safety of building and installation activities;
  • work control according to the concluded general contracts and subcontracts, discharge of obligations for the customer to ensure the quality of general contract services, works and obligations, covered by the contracts;
  • financial liability assumed by the general contractor in relation to deadlines and quality;
  • facility handover for commissioning to the acceptance committee;
  • warranty obligations assumption and fulfillment.