Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Design documentation development

Design documentation development is the core process at the product development stage.

Software development

In order to ensure the best quality of software for a technological process subject to automation, we would outline three top-priority specializations:

  • teleautomation of remote facilities;
  • automation of technological facilities (processes);
  • dispatch control system development.

Systems testing

System testing is an important and inherent stage of software and hardware development and production process, ensuring compliance with specification requirements. The equipment is assembled and packaged at the producing plant for carrying out system testing. In order to simulate the third-party manufacturers' equipment, the appropriate models or software simulators are applied, being usually created by our specialists using original software products and hardware simulation devices.

Maintenance documentation development

The EleSy Company pays great attention to documentation quality in relation to own projects. Our experience and competences allow us to develop the practical and informative documentation, complying not only with applicable standards but also with the Customer's individual requirements. Depending on solution type, users' qualifications and corporate requirements, we define the documentation purposes and objectives and prepare relevant documentation.


Commissioning implies performing a number of start-and-adjustment activities including checking, setting and testing the functionability of equipment, which is a part of the operation site software and hardware. These activities are generally arranged for guaranteeing the system design characteristics and operation modes.

Warranty services

The EleSy Company pays significant attention to warranty service of the supplied production, applications and provided services. Warranty service and support are available for you at any time you wish.