Automated power supply monitoring and control system


Power supply monitoring and control system (PSCS) is designed for automation of delivery, transformation, distribution and consumption of electrical power.

Scope of Automation

  • Electrical power metering and energy demand planning;
  • Electrical power supply management;
  • Electrical power quality control;
  • Decision-support tools for optimization of composition, operation modes and planning of electrical equipment maintenance works based on analysis of the accumulated data concerning mode and energy demand parameters and equipment sate estimation.


  • Electrical power metering subsystem.

Power meters installed at metering points register and store data about active and reactive power in nonvolatile memory. Meters are polled by metering controllers.

  • Electrical power quality control subsystem.

Quality control devices are installed in high voltage units of closed switchgears.

  • Telecontrol subsystem.

The subsystem monitors and controls feeders and sectional cubicles of closed switchgears, integrated transformer substations and control system boards, measures current and voltage at bus sections, and interacts with other systems (e.g. automatic distribution systems, diesel power stations, emergency detector, microprocessor relay protection and automation devices, heat meters, soft starters, etc.). The subsystem is based on PLCs installed straight in cubicles or separate enclosures. PLCs have modular design and can be configured depending on types and amount of signals they handle.

All subsystems are integrated in a single server case equipped with commutators, routers and servers. The server case also provides connection to other enterprise automation systems.

Operator workstations provide HMI and process visualization. Event log is visualized using a line printer.


  • Versatility

PSCS data collection and processing system enables application of end instruments with different configurations and of different manufacturers (including foreign producers);

  • Modular design

PCSC is designed with respect to individual features of the enterprise utilities and can be expanded in compliance with output expansion. A phased placing of the system into operation is possible if the establishment of PCSC for the utilities as a whole is irrational on technical or financial grounds;

  • Efficiency

PCSC provides cost effectiveness due to energy consumption decrease, and rational management of enterprise utilities. Data provided by PCSC can be used for calculations of necessary energy consumption in case of changing enterprise structure or utilities extent.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема АСТУЭ