ESD-TMF – Motor Control and Protection Unit

ESD-TMF – Motor Control and Protection Unit



  • Provides a means of a direct start, reverse/rotation, dynamic breaking, soft starter connection and windings connection diagrams;
  • Operation with stop valve actuator and the ESD-VP control unit providing efficient and optimized control
  • Multifunctional protection;
  • Embedded programmable logic function;
  • RS-485 serial interface control (made to order PROFIBUS);
  • No maintenance needed, goes without any mechanical engineering assembles;
  • DIN-rail mounted.

Device Description

The ESD-TMF is designed to protect and control three-phase induction motors by means of external starters and controlled releasers and to be used as an electric actuator having programmable logic for various devices. It provides easy and accessible integration into the automated process control systems. It can be used as a part of the electric actuator for pump components, ventilating blowers, compressor systems, pressure machines, grinders, conveyors, lifting equipment, machine tool systems, centrifugal machines and packaging equipment.

Additional features


  • Can be used as an electric actuator with programmable logic control for different industrial electrical equipment (building industry, heat-power engineering, chemistry, metallurgy industry, housing and public utilities, extraction, processing and transportation of raw materials)
  • Can be used to control shut off and control valves in combination with ESD-VP, which provides valve jamming protection, non-volatile control of dynamic position and remote control. ESD-TMF, combined with ESD-VP, offers the possibility to improve reliability and life time of valves, and can be used for modernization up-dating of operated gate valve electric drives of electromechanical control.

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