Engineering Survey Department

The department fulfills surveys for justification of the pre-project documentation, projecting and construction of new plants, expansion, reconstruction and technical upgrade of existing enterprises in all kinds of building, including:

  • Geodesic (topologic plans);
  • Geologic (geological records and columns, grounds);
  • Hydro-meteorological (water obstacles, water protection zones, probability forecasts for seasonal water levels, etc.);
  • Ecological;
  • Hydrographic (beds and coastal zones survey);
  • Geophysical (soil penetration tests and data for electrochemical protection);
  • Geocryologic (survey and analysis of permanently frozen soils presented).


The engineering survey department consists of:

  • 2 mobile field surveying teams fully equipped;
  • A geological team having 3 drilling rigs and advanced geological equipment;
  • A geophysical group performing geophysical surveys by means of available modern equipment;
  • An office team, consisting of experienced engineers capable for processing the obtained field data, both by own and external resources;
  • Pedological laboratory.

The department is provided with fully functional equipment:

  • Pedological laboratory;
  • Drill rig "ПБУ-2-167", Kamaz-mounted;
  • Hand operated drill sets;
  • Drill rig "УКБ-12/25";
  • Portable drilling rig "КМ-10";
  • Electronic tacheometer "Nikon";
  • Geodetic level DSZ3;
  • Geodesic GPS-receiver Trimble R3 L1;
  • Electrical exploration equipment set "Electrotest-S";
  • Cable detector "C.A.T. Genny +", etc.


For the office data processing the following software is used:

  • "CREDO";
  • "IndorCAD/Road" package;
  • IPI2WIN software system to process the  geophysical data;
  • "Autodesk" software, etc.