HVAC, Utility and Technology Department

The HVAC, utility and technology department is responsible for partial project contribution within its area of competence during comprehensive design work related to new objects and reconstruction of existing ones.

The key objectives of projecting activity are as follows:

  1. designing the indoor heating systems for residential, public and manufacturing buildings;
  2. designing the outdoor heating systems for residential, public and manufacturing buildings;
  3. designing the indoor ventilation and air conditioning systems for public and manufacturing buildings;
  4. designing the indoor and outdoor sewage systems, waste and atmospheric water discharge, as well as treatment facilities;
  5. working out technological decisions for the oil-and-gas objects, namely:
  • correction of linear and submerged defects;
  • projecting the skids for the Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) system;
  • replacement of the pumping modules at the oil transfer pumping stations;
  • replacement of the pipe sections;
  • replacement of the valving and piping;
  • tie-in of pipeline taps.

Moreover, we perform hydraulic calculations, calculation of pipe wall thickness, required quantity of the weights for the pipelines laid across water barriers, required quantity of the safety valves for the oil transfer pumping stations. We also assist in selection of required equipment, such as: valving and piping, pumping modules, oil/gas refining screens, pipe rolling units and shaped objects of all kinds.