Enterprise-wide Reports

Described functions are realized in the components:

InfinityReports InfinityReports


SCADA Infinity reports provides powerful features to automate reporting procedure of the enterprise production process both on the production facilities operating level and management level.

Reports effective on all management levels

Analysis of production efficiency has become easier and more available with SCADA Infinity reports. Real state of the equipment, history data and computing results give full information about productivity, equipment downtime, general energy waste, total and specific energy consumption and many others.

Features allow to enter coefficients, calculate average values, and compare real values and planned values.

SCADA Infinity reports represent a colored document, easy to perceive, analyze and prepare management decisions. Data sources are SCADA Infinity servers of run-time and history data, alarms and events, and also third-party SCADA systems and business applications. Reports are generated in the application server which integrates data from all enterprise information systems, that's why there is no need to support several systems of report generation wide-enterprise.

A template, parameter values, appearance, data storage format, generation schedule are defined in the tasks. Then reports are generated on the basis of these tasks. besides, there is an option to generate reports by demand or events. Due to powerful visual tools, a large variety of charts, tables, and formulas are available to a designer of templates. At the same time, a template can be random. This fact allows to take into a count that any enterprise is unique. SCADA Infinity provides reports of any complexity such as linear reports, cross-reports, reports with dynamic expansion, tables with complex combined development of measures.

After a report has been generated, you can set up additional commands such as print, report export to XLS, HTML, or PDF, sending to e-mail or fax, publish to Web or copy to archive.

Described functions are realized in InfinityReports.