Automated fire-fighting system with pump stations

Automated fire-fighting system with pump stations

Location: Russia, Komi Republic
Project Start: 2012
Commissioning: 2014
Customer: OOO «RN - Severnaya neft»

EleSy company was assigned as a developer of automated fire-fighting system for transfer pumping station and booster pump station of Veyakoshorskogo deposit.

Requirements to the automated system

  • to selectively detect a fire source,
  • to selectively notify about fire outbreak,
  • to automatically turn on technological equipment for firefighting if a fire breaks in the object,
  • to control fire-fighting equipment both in automatic and manual mode,
  • to display and record main controlled process parameters and parameters which characterize equipment state,
  • to detect equipment failures at operating and switching after control of command execution,
  • to control and analyze specified operation modes,
  • to create reports and summaries, to archive messages about signals coming from the low level, events occurring in the automated system, and messages about operator actions.

Project solutions

EleSy company developed the automated fire-fighting system on the basis of own ELSY-TM PLC and SCADA Infinity. The developed system is easily scaled and this fact guarantees its further development on the basis of existing hardware and software.