Automatics and telemechanics complexes for metro system

Automatics and telemechanics complexes for metro system

Location: Russia, Moscow
Project Start: 2012
Commissioning: 2014
Customer: GUM «Moscow metropoliten»

Object description

A metro system belongs to highly dangerous and technically challenging objects because of large passenger traffic and sophisticated infrastructure of underground engineering constructions.

Automation conditions

Collecting, storing, processing, and transferring data about the technological process, and also providing telecommands in real time from the single supervisor workstation.

Project solutions

Designing automated services supervisory control systems.

Development, delivery, and implementation of automated control system to control objects:

  • automated system intended to control electrical and mechanical services,
  • automated system intended to control escalator service,
  • automated system intended to control electric power supply service, technical record of electric power,
  • local automatics systems,
  • system intended to control station work,
  • integration of security system into an automated control system,
  • fire signal systems,
  • integration of existing and newly designed local systems into a single control system.


To meet special customer demands in uninterrupted operation and reliability, our engineers develop systems with fault-tolerant architecture due to redundancy of main components and applying solutions proven by successful installations.

ELSY-TM PLC is used in the telemechanics system.

The particular advantage of the PLC is low sensitivity to electromagnetic interference and capability to work with specialized telemechanic protocols.

SCADA Infinity is intended to automate continuous processes. The platform works with geographically-distributed systems and meets strict requirements to the redundancy of the components and communication channels.

If needed, the system can extend features of the existing units and add new ones. Besides, the system can interface with other existing systems of third party manufacturers.


Events occurred all over the equipment are logged automatically and you can view the data about all objects or only one object over a specified time period. Data about measured parameters can be displayed as a trend.

All telecommands are controlled in the system, and a supervisor receives notifications about successful or failed command. If a command fails, a supervisor receives error description.

The system provides advanced self-diagnosis of the involved tools via network SNMP protocol. This fact allows to control operation of all equipment ranging from routers to uninterruptible power supply and supervisor workstation.