Complex telemechanics system for oil deposits

Complex telemechanics system for oil deposits

Location: Russia, Tomsk Oblast
Project Start: 2010
Commissioning: 2010‒2011
Customer: ОOО «Nord Imperial»

In 2010, EleSy company started the projected devoted to telemetry and telecommand of well clusters: ranging from designing and construction and installation activities to implementing the system and training Customer.

According to the project, existing segmentary projects concerning to well clusters, must be integrated into a single structure of the object telemetry and telecommand, and record the structure in the engineering documentation:

  • to monitor and control equipment of several well clusters located all over the territory of the oil deposit in real time,
  • to provide maximum information to the operator about the process progress.

The system was realized with the help of the equipment: PLC, uninterruptible power supply, intrinsically safe barriers, and SCADA Infinity.

The equipment produced by Viper has been applied to provide wireless radio communications between well clusters and operator's room located on the deposit. Data is transferred from the field to the customer central office and this transfer is implemented through satellite communication channels. Security and guaranteed delivery of data have been implemented due to specialized features of SCADA Infinity.

The system flexibility and scalability allowed to add new telemechanical well clusters within the second implementation stage, without any hardware modifications on the high level equipment.